KI Ocean Safari - 2 hour Swim with Dolphins and Seals

2 Hour Swim with Dolphins, Seals and Coastal Snorkelling Safari departs from Christmas Cove Marina, Penneshaw. Have the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins or among seals and snorkel some of KI’s beautiful coastline.  It's a great wildlife encounter!  We provide wet suits, mask, snorkel & fins. Children must be over 9 years old to participate in the swim. Children under 9 can still view on the tour.

$150 per adult / $90 per child

Please note the following:

  • A swimmer line with buoys is often used at the back of the vessel for the dolphin swim.  You may be required to hold onto this line at times with the vessel moving which will require upper body strength. 
  • These are wild animals and experiences change daily.  Its all up to the animals as to how interactive they become. 
  • If wildlife does not permit you to go into the water on your tour and you are unable to participate in coastal snorkelling, we will provide a refund back to the viewing price. 
  • You need to arrive at Christmas Cove Marina, Penneshaw, 30 minutes prior to departure. 
  • This activity is not suitable for those with a pacemaker or those who are pregnant due to the electronic devices being used in the water whilst participating in the swim. 
  • Children MUST be 9 years or older to participate in the swim with dolphins but children 8 years and over can participate in coastal snorkelling. 
  • Please note that this swim takes place in open water, therefore it is recommended you have reasonable swimming ability.